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Casino Roulette Differences

A roulette wheel is one of the most common sites at any casino. It is a game of chance that is fancied by many gamblers. Unlike many other casino games, roulette is basically a game where the rules are reasonable uniform. There are two types of games, and two ways to play.

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The types

Roulette has two forms, starting with American roulette, which features 38 spots on a roulette wheel. There are 36 red and black numbered slots, and two green slots, numbered 0 and 00. While players can bet on these, they represent the house edge.
The other type of roulette is European roulette, which has a slightly smaller house edge as it has one green slot numbered zero and 37 spots on the wheel. Both versions are available in many casinos.

There are two specific places to play as well. There is live roulette, which is played in real casinos, and online roulette, which is played in online casinos. Online roulette offers both versions as well as the comfort of betting from your own home.
The biggest variations in roulette come with the wagers a player has to choose from. Players can bet on individual numbers, or they can bet on even-money propositions such as odd/even or black/red.

Individual numbers pay 35-1. This is called a straight bet. The other “inside” bets are a split bet – a bet on two connected numbers; a street bet – three numbers on a single horizontal line; square bet (or corner) which is a bet on four numbers in a square layout; and a six-line bet, which is on connected streets.

Outside bets are those such as odd/even and black red and they pay even money. There are also group best, which are in groups of 12; a column bet, all 21 numbers in a vertical line. These bets pay 2-1.

Roulette is a game of luck and chance; the skill is in choosing what bet to play and when. If you play craps and have an understanding of the variety of bets available, you should understand the intricacies of roulette and do very well.

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