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Casino Keno Differences

Keno is one of the simplest forms of wagering games in a casino. It is essentially a lottery; it involves picking numbers and hitting as many as possible in a random drawing. A casino pays off based on the amount of numbers hit.

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The standard game allows selection of up to 15 numbers. Hitting all 15 returns the highest payoff; a minimal payoff usually comes when three or more are hit. A player has the option of playing fewer numbers.

Tickets also come in various denominations. A player can play a board for $1 or even less in some casinos.
- The single ticket is known as a “straight ticket.
- A combination ticket is one where the player combines groups of straight bets on one ticket with the player wagering one base wager for each combination available.
- A split ticket is basically one where the player plays two separate games at once on one slip of paper. It does not change anything, and is no different than two separate tickets, other than many casinos offer the split ticket for ease of wagering.
- The king ticket is not common in all casinos, but it has a singled designated number on a play sheet. This number is designated as the “king” and is played in combination with other numbers.

Payoffs vary based on whether or not the king number is drawn.
Keno is a pure game of chance; it is quite simply a lottery. But it is a fun way to gamble and pass the time, and wagers can be placed relatively cheaply in most casinos and online casinos.

Some of the big Vegas casinos have slowly begun to phase keno out, but it continues to thrive in online play where you can catch as many games as you like quickly and conveniently.

It is a popular game among action seekers and those who are looking for a big score without putting a lot of thought into strategy. Essentially, there is no strategy. Pick your favorite numbers and hope for the best.

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